Down In Flames

Dear Mum,

Joshua and I arrived at Kindy relatively early this morning and got to meet two new classmates for him, identical twin girls who are late starting, due to a possible work move that didn’t happen. It was quite nice because we got to find out a little bit about them and I told Joshua to make sure they felt welcome to the class.

Apart from a quick trip to the shops, I was at home pretty much all day by myself as Julie had to go to a funeral, the mother of one of her friends. However it was probably just as well that I was alone as I got an email from the guy who interviewed me last week saying I hadn’t got the job!

I wrote back to him to ask for feedback and he wrote me a long mail about some things I could do to successfully get through my next attempt. He also mentioned that the person who got the job was only slightly better than I was, so that was encouraging.

Anyway I spent the morning and early afternoon calling the recruitment agents back whom I had sent my CV to the other week, one of them asked me if I could make it in tomorrow for a chat, so I said yes and am going to have to get suited up again to see him, which is good.

After I picked Joshua up I asked whether he had made the twins feel welcome and he told me that he had sat next to them at story time. What a nice boy. While I was tidying his stuff up from his kindy bag I dropped his ice pack and the plastic broke, so the two of us went to Target to get hold of another one. Apparently when it’s not the beginning of the new school year you can get one for one dollar instead of about ten, like it cost us when we first got here!

Oh, I forgot to say. While I was at the shops this morning I saw the below and think that’s what we’ll get him for his birthday, to go with the Buzz Lightyear you’ve sent over 🙂

Tomorrow is going to be mainly taken up with this interview thing I’m going to.






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