Down By The Riverside

Dear Mum,
It didn’t seem like we were up for very long this morning before Joshua got all grumpy and shouty, so Deanne and I decided it was a good time for him to have a nap. He argued and shouted and even got a time out before he finally agreed to have a story, then have a bit of a lie down.
Two and a half hours later he woke up again, by which time Julie and Rick were back from down south. They seemed like they had a good time, for some reason they seemed very excited about the fact that a bunch of people were staying at the caravan park who owned Shih Tzus. Every time I hear the words I think of that old comedy sketch, was it the Two Ronnies?
Anyway after Josh woke up Dee and I took him to South Perth, near the river and took his bike with us so he could do a bit of cycling and tire himself out. We stayed for a while and he rode a long way, then he had a quick go on a big playground, after which we came home and had tea.
A good day all-in-all! Tomorrow Joshua is back to kindy and I really (really) need to go get myself some blood test sticks. Think I can get them from the local pharmacy but I really don’t know so I might have to do a bit of asking around our calling Diabetes WA or some such.



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