A Grand Day Out

Dear Mum,
Joshua and I set off at about nine and after a couple of sat-nav detours got to SciTech at just after half past.
It was surprisingly busy to say it was a school day, mostly because there were a bunch of schools visiting as it was a special day with presentations and things to do for older kids. However that didn’t stop Josh from running about like a mad thing and making full use of all the facilities.
I think the best part of the day was when we were in a “Dinoshadow” show, which consisted of a guy doing shadow puppet stuff with dinosaurs and fossils. The bloke was trying to segue into a bit about the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs and asked the kids “why can’t we see any dinosaurs today?” And after being quiet throughout the rest of the show Joshua shouts out “because they turned in to birds!” It was brilliant, I was so proud 🙂 Slightly wrong footed the presenter though!
I’ve attached a few pictures of the day as there was a lot to do.


Joshua writing me a message to send through the pneumatic message tube.


Joshua doing his own dinoshadow show after the real one.


His favourite experiment, make your own ball run.


Making volcanoes and lakes out of light.


After his nap in the afternoon. He probably wouldn’t have woken up for tea if I hadn’t gone in to get him.


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