Talking Rubbish

Dear Mum,

Well, today was the big day..but I’ll get to that in a bit. I dropped Josh off at daycare and he was pretty cool about it. It’s taken longer for him to get comfortable with daycare than kindy, but I guess he only goes there once a week so that’s not really a surprise.

I didn’t do a great deal more revision for the interview this a’vo as I decided I’d stuffed as much into my head as I could fit without it exploding in a shower of IT. So instead I did the washing up and some washing and hanging out of clothes I’d set to wash before I took Joshy in.

At half one, about half way through Star Trek, The Next Generation (I think I may have spent too long at home!) I got changed into my trousers and shirt, packed my tie in my bag and headed out carrying my jacket. The temperature was somewhere around 30° so I wasn’t going to wear everything or I’d have arrived as a damp mess.

I got there in about an hour and ten minutes, so quicker even than when I tried it last week, I got myself dressed up and then had a couple of minutes to kill so I read the job-spec’ and did a blood test (then had a couple of Jelly Babies as I was 4.6mmol/l and didn’t want to drop during the interview). After which it was time to go in.

The guy who met me seemed nice and had only been in the job a matter of months, his other colleagues arrived after a few minutes and hadn’t been working there much longer. It sounds like there was a big re-org’ about a year ago so a good percentage of the people there are new-ish.

I don’t really know what to say about the interview itself, I think I did okay on a few of the questions, quite badly on one and no idea about the rest! The bad one was one I should have nailed as it was asking the difference between a risk, a threat and a vulnerability. You would imagine with my working history and my encyclopaedic knowledge of the English language that I’d have done pretty well at that, but I stumbled and stuttered through and don’t think I actually did a very good job of addressing the question. Still not to worry! 🙂

When I got home Deanne was making tea, the trip back had taken about the same amount of time as getting there so with a bit of polishing I could probably get it down to about an hour…if they actually thought I was okay and decided to offer me the role! She had taken Joshua to the library to return his books and DVD and get some new ones, so he was watching a DVD of Winnie The Pooh when I arrived.

We finally received our Scitech tickets yesterday so I think Josh and I are going to go there tomorrow to play on the exhibits and have a picnic.




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