Opening Up

Dear Mum,

I took Joshua to kindy today, which was nice ’cause I don’t normally get to do it on a Wednesday. It meant I got to accompany him to the bank at school and help him pay his $4 in. I played with him for a bit at the start of class but left before the buzzer went off at 9am, he was fine with that. I think he’s finally totally at ease with going, which is good. I heard him having a conversation with his teacher where he was being asked if he could ring the tidying up bell.

Bob picked me up at about ten thirty and we headed to his so I could do some more work on his new laptop. i think it’ll be a few more trips yet before it’s completely sorted, but at least I’m getting a bit of IT practice in.

I picked Joshua up and brought him home, he was pretty tired after his three day week. However Deanne got home early today after an early morning and as we were having our tea Joshua started telling us about his day at kindy. Wednesday is sports day and he had played a few games, one where they stood in a circle and passed a ball around, another which sounded a bit like cricket as they had to lift a bat up and hit a ball with it, then finally some version of basketball. Apparently he was well behaved during sport as he got to move his bee to number two when he got back to class. It’s the first time he’s really remembered stuff about his day to tell us.

Deanne went to the P&C meeting, that’s “parents and citizens”, in case you’re wondering, tonight, obviously I couldn’t as Julie and Rick are away, so I stayed here and did some last minute revision for my interview tomorrow. However I got a text from her just after nine telling me that I was popular. Apparently I made a bit of an impression at the last meeting when I was talking about what they could do with the school ‘blog, or rather what I could do with it! They were saying that I had some really good ideas for the site and what it was possible to do on it, so that made me feel good 🙂

Tomorrow is the big day, first Aussie interview. I’m sort of looking forward to it and sort of bricking it. But I’m sure it’ll be fine.




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