IT Support…Again.

Dear Mum,
Sorry I missed writing last night, things got on top of me.
To be honest we didn’t do a lot yesterday anyway. Watched the Lion King 2 in the morning, played, went to look at a couple of houses, then watched Happy Feet 2 in the afternoon. A nice, relaxing day really.
Today Deanne dropped Josh off at kindy. I went shopping and Bob came round in the early afternoon as he was having trouble with his wireless dongle again. I got it all sorted and said I’d see him on Wednesday.
After picking Joshua up I realised I didn’t have Quorn mince to make dinner, so the two of us went to the shops and got some of that and some eggs so we could make a cake. Sadly I was a bit impatient and didn’t wait long enough for the cake to cool, the results are below!
On the bright side I made a nice bolognese sauce, which we had with curly coloured pasta.
Tomorrow I’m doing some more revision for my interview on Thursday, I need to work quite hard at it, as I think I’ve forgotten – a) what I did before; b) how to talk to other people; c) how to conduct myself in an interview; d) everything about security.
Anyway, Deanne has written me some example questions, so I’m going to try and come up with good answers for them and tell her tomorrow night, which will hopefully go better than the session we tried with her asking me them tonight!



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