Dear Mum,

Today we went to the zoo! We got there at about nine o’clock and saw…just about everything. Joshua had a few “moments”, but it was understandable as it was a really long day and there were so many animals to see. I’ve attached a picture of Joshua being a koala, as you can tell.

At one point we went to see the numbat, which was hiding amongst its wood and plants. A man was telling his friend that they were camouflaged and Josh asked us what that meant, so we explained the meaning of the word to him. We looked a bit more but couldn’t see it, so we left the little shed that opens out onto the numbat enclosure. As we came out some other people were going in and Joshua turned towards them as they went through the door and at the top of his voice shouts, “it’s camouflaged” about three times, and then runs up to us and told us that the people didn’t understand! We suggested that they’d figure it out when they got in there.

He seemed incredibly interested in the cassowarys, we had to go back to their pens a couple of times for him to check them out. The other thing that seemed to impress him was when we were in the Indonesian bit of the zoo and we went into a little kind of cave-y bit with a pane of glass. Joshy said “wow, what is it” and we told him it was a Komodo dragon. He sat on the sill next to the window and stared at the thing for longer than he looked at any other animal, he was entranced. Which was funny because the large, dangerous reptile was doing nothing more exciting than laying on a log under a lamp (Deanne said it seems to do that all the time).

This afternoon we went to Bob’s house so I could have another quick look at his computer. There was nothing wrong with it as such but because he’d changed his internet plan he’s used up all his data until Monday and so they’ve throttled his connection so it takes him ages to download anything, for instance a Google search took about twenty seconds. Anyway I talked to his provider and figured out what the problem was and we organised for me to head over on Wednesday to finish getting his machine set up (hopefully!).

We’re having a (very) relaxing day tomorrow as Julie and Rick have gone on holiday for a week so we have the house to ourselves, we’ll probably watch some movies with Josh, play around the house a bit and do some washing, etc.



Joshua the Koala

Joshua the Koala


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