Train Trip

Dear Mum,

Another Joshy/Nana day today, I took the opportunity to do a few things. Firstly I got a haircut, which is okay but the guy who cut my hair was maybe a little too thorough, although he did a grade two, he also went all round the edges with a razor and seemed to spend a long time faffing about after he’d finished. Deanne says it looks fine so I’m trying not to keep running my hand over my scalp.

Then I went to Garden City (I still love the name of that place), and just had a bit of a wander around, looking in the shops and checking out things like the price of shirts, which I may need should I actually come into possession of a job. I popped in to Woolworth’s and grabbed some milk and a couple of boxes of cereal, as we seem to be going through them like they’re going out of fashion.

I got back and Joshua was watching The Lion King 2, Julie seems to be stocking him up with DVDs while we’re staying with her, so at least Joshua will have plenty to watch if our recorder doesn’t actually receive the Aussie TV signal when it arrives. I made lunch, a cheese sandwich and some grapes, then decided I’d do a bit of a reconnaissance.

I left the house at about two with the idea that I’d try catching the bus and train to where I have the interview next week. It was quite a pleasant journey but from door to door took me about an hour and a half. Of course I may well be able to cut this down if you take in to account the extra buses and trains that run early in the morning and at home time, and the fact it was the first time I’d tried the trip.

I was very impressed by the facilities when I got there. It felt a lot like my previous employer, only much (much) bigger, it was quite nice to be back in the hustle and bustle of all the people going about their business or, more likely, relaxing!

I’ve included a picture of the entrance of the place, which I thought was quite impressive, below. On my way home I went in the shopping centre near the train station before I left, it was also huge! I guess that’s what happens when you build somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

There was a Target in the centre that was easily the size of a football field, you could hardy see the opposite wall of the place! After I’d done looking about I went and found the train station and made my way back. Funnily enough it took me less time to get home than it had to get there, so I guess I might just need a bit of practice at the journey…and frankly an hours commute in the UK would make most people quite happy.

Tomorrow I’m going to sort out my paperwork for the interview.






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