Dear Mum,

Today was an interesting day! I set off to Bob’s house at about ten o’clock this morning after popping into the post office to copy my driving licence for a house rental application. I arrived at his house at about 10:20 and hung around as I was expecting him to get back from work at about half past.

Anyway he calls me up at about half past and said he was just about there. I waited for a while and then got another call, it turned out he had come to Julie’s house and I had gone to his, half an hour away!!!

Anyway, he came back and we had a quick drink then set off to Harvey Norman, which is the equivalent of Curry’s/PC World in the UK. He had already told me his budget and was expecting just to get a laptop for what he had suggested, but we ended up getting a laptop, a new decent screen, and a case. He also got himself a new wireless transmitter thing so he can take it away with him and get internet access, when he goes down south etc., on the laptop and his phone.

However after we got home and opened the boxes up I realised that the guy in the shop hadn’t checked if there was an HDMI (video for the monitor) cable in with the monitor, so we had to go back and buy one of those too. Still under budget and haggled down a bit! Oh yes, I forgot to say the wireless internet thing is a bit like buying a phone contract and when Bob tried to buy it it turned out his driving license (which he needed to prove his identity/credit rating) is out of date and he has applied and paid for a new one but not received it yet. So we had to go back to his house to get the receipt from the renewal before he could get the wireless dongle.

Anyway we got home and cleaned up his old PC and the desk it all sits on, then got everything out and plugged it all in. Then we waited…and waited…and waited, as the wireless doo-dah was meant to take about four hours to come on-line. After four and a bit hours we got bored and called up his provider and I talked to them and it turned out the password that the guy in the shop had given us was wrong. The bloke on the phone changed the password and gave it to us and after that it was all fine.

I left Bob’s at about six and got back home for 6:30-ish, Olive had come over for tea and it was just being put out when I got back.

I have, up ’till now, left out the most exciting bit of the day. Which is that on the way home from the computer shop (the first time!) I got a phone call from one of the employers I’ve applied for a job through and have been offered an interview next week. The funny thing is that this job was advertised about  month ago, so I’m wondering if the other roles I’ve put forward for will take as long to get round to their short-listing, anyway exciting times 🙂 

After that it was bedtime for Joshua and now it’s just about bedtime for me.



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One response to “Job

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    What an exciting day with Bob – it was obviously one of those two steps forward and three back sort of things.

    The job interview sounds excellent – everything is crossed at this end for you.

    I am getting on quite well with my quarry report – Sue (who helped me with the work) popped over with some stuff and of course we had to have a coffee and a chat about work (and this and that) so I sort of lost an hour! Dad and I were going to go to Lucy’s for lunch but when we got there the café was closed – it’s Wednesday of course and she does not open on Wednesdays!!

    We bought some nice bread buns at the co-op and enjoyed those instead!!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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