Home Alone

Dear Mum,

We had a late start today because Deanne was dropping Joshua off at kindy, I went to get a couple of things from the shop at the same time as they left and took the picture below of them driving down the road as I went (ours is the red car).

Julie went out not long after I returned as she had a coffee/lunch date today so I was home on myself most of the day. Deanne came back and I drove her to work, then when I got back I did various bits of researching for jobs and a few phone calls and emails to various people. It was a fairly uneventful day really.

I picked Josh up at three, he was quite proud because he had moved his bee another place on the wall chart to number four. When he reaches five he gets to pick something out of the Wow Box, it’s a little box that has various bits of stuff in that people have brought in for the kids to take home when they are good.

After we got back I gave him something to eat, which he ate in front of the TV and then took him to the park down the road to play for an hour or so before tea time.

Tomorrow should be interesting because I’m going over to Bob’s house and we’re going out to try and purchase a new computer for him as his old one has died. It ought to be amusing at least.



Off To Kindy

Off To Kindy


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One response to “Home Alone

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Loved the photo of Josh on the swing – he looks as though it is the best thing ever!

    I have survived my two days out at St Aldhelm’s Quarry – the wind off the channel was rather chilling, however I wore a silly hat and my fluorescent windproof coat which kept me snug, We had a large excavator dig five large trenches yesterday but there was only archaeology in one trench (much to the quarry owner’s relief!! WE found the base of a very rough limestone wall which we have dated Roman because of pottery in and around it.

    Tommorrow I have to write it up so that is another day spent crouching over a hot computer.

    All going well I will post Josh’s birthday present off in the morning.

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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