That’s A Lot!

Dear Mum,

After dropping the little ‘un off this morning I came home and did some washing, followed buy some ironing. Then I got out the laptop and started looking for jobs again. However, not long after I started up the laptop I got a message from Deanne saying she had spoken to the IT guy at work and asked where IT jobs are advertised, one of the places he came up with was a consultancy.

So I headed for their website and had a look at what was going at the moment, rather to my surprise there was rather a good job which looked like something I have the skills for, so I called up the lady whose name was at the bottom of the advert and after a bit of a chat sent her my CV.

She emailed me back, not long after with the full spec’ for the role and asked me to have a look and to let her know if I was still interested. I responded accordingly (I was, in case you weren’t sure!). Then she emailed me again and told me how much the role was offering and if I still wanted my name put forward. I was a little surprised at the number written down, e.g. it was large, however when I came to think about it the role is a one year contract and the skills it’s looking for (which I have) are actually quite specific, so I wrote another email saying the money seemed conversant with the role, smiling to myself as it would allow Deanne and I to seriously apply for a mortgage, etc.

Anyway, that seemed to take up a good part of the day! This afternoon there was a class play date at the little park over the street from the school for Joshua’s class, so I took a snack and some drink and we marched over the road and Josh got down to some really intense playing. Ryan and his mum came over too and a few other people from the class, so it was quite nice to talk to some different mums as I tend to mainly talk to Jane and Emma who are Ryan and Penny’s mums. It’s nice to chat to people as I’m starting to feel part of the school collective now.

After coming home and letting Joshy watch a few episodes of Dinosaur Train we went to collect Deanne. She had been a bit late into work this morning as we didn’t get up when the alarm went off, then came home for tea.

Tomorrow Dee is dropping him off and then I’ll take her to work, so I can pick him up in the afternoon. Apart from that more of the same.




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