Bibra Lake

Dear Mum,

We had a relatively relaxed Sunday. We got up a bit later than usual and did our breakfast stuff. We stayed at home for a little bit but then went out to visit Bibra Lake, which is a big lake surrounded by a cycle track, grassy areas you can sit and have a picnic, and playgrounds.

When we arrived Joshua had a quick climb up the equipment then slid down a curly slide (as per the picture). Then we went for a walk around the lake until we found somewhere nice to have a little picnic I had put together, nothing special, just a couple of drinks, some muesli bars and some dried fruit for Joshy.

Then we headed back to the playground and gave him ten minutes to play before we had to leave again, to get home and see Sharon and Rick who had come round to Julie’s for lunch. We ate lunch and chatted with them about all sorts of things, but then Joshua started being a bit grumpy so I put him to bed and read him a story.

Of course he told us he wasn’t tired but then slept for about three hours, hopefully that’ll be enough to get him through two days of kindergarten this week! Deanne and I watched a movie while he was asleep and Julie, Sharon and the two Ricks hung out in the garden chatting and finishing lunch.

When Joshua woke up again it was almost tea time but we let him watch the end of the film with us (it was about a family that bought a zoo, so fairly tame), then he had beans and toast, followed by an ice lolly, then he got ready for bed.

Tomorrow he is, of course, at kindy so I’m going to try calling people back whom I’ve sent my CV to, to try and find out if they are in any way interested in me or if there’s anything I need to do differently to actually get them to give me some work.





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