Thumbs Away

Dear Mum,
We got up late-ish this morning, or at least we spent most of the morning mooching about the house and playing with Joshua’s plane ramp toy. However we left Josh with Julie, then Deanne and I went to the bank to speak to them about mortgages. It was pretty much what the broker told us the other night, only the bank lady couldn’t offer us quite such good deals.
This afternoon we went to Bob’s house, provisionally to give him his birth certificate, but then we weren’t actually sure it was in with all the paperwork Julie gave us to take.
The most exciting thing about the trip was that I managed to persuade Joshy not to suck his thumb during the trip over and he managed it AND went to sleep while not partaking of it 🙂
Julie and Rick went out for dinner so Dee made us a cheesy pasta bake, which was nice.
Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow yet? I’ve attached a photo of Joshua’s dinosaur picture, which he finally says is finished. It’s been a labour of love for him and I’m sure he’ll want to change it, but that’s always the case with art, isn’t it!?



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One response to “Thumbs Away

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Tell Josh that I love his dinosaur!!!

    I’ve been very busy with one thing or another…

    Did a talk at Dorchester Museum last night about the Roman Villa – 130 people turned up – the most attendance at any lecture in living memory!!!! It went very well. Was knackered by the time I got home though.

    This morning we went into Dorchester to sort out our new car which will be ready to pick up when we get home from holiday. It took an hour to sort out the paperwork. Did a bit of shopping and were home by lunchtime.

    Tomorrow we’re popping over to see Rachel, Mark and Marcel in Southampton – its not too far, just a scant hours drive. We’ll call into Matcham Towers on the way back.

    Its a beautiful day – actually quite warm but I’ve got to slave over my hot computer getting stuff done before I go away.

    I will be sending Josh’s parcel off next week – I need a reminder of what NOT to put on the customs slip!!!

    Lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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