Party Time

Dear Mum,

Joshua was at daycare today so I did a few things round the house, like washing, cleaning, etc. But nothing very exciting really.

After picking Joshy up he and I drove to pick Deanne up and then we headed home to get ready for the party Joshua had been invited to. It was at the play-gym that Julie and I took him to a month or two back and there was a good percentage of the kids from his class there. It started at 5:00 this afternoon and there was a guy from the gym who led the activities.

Joshy’s favourite thing they did was a game where two people were “chimpanzees” and the rest were “little monkeys”, and the chimps had to tag the monkeys so it could be their turn to tag people.

At about 6:00 it was time for them to eat, there were sandwiches, mini doughnuts, carrot and cucumber sticks and a few other bits and pieces. Josh ate most of what was on his plate and then said he was ful and went and sat on Deanne’s knee…until he discovered that pudding was an ice-cream cake (always makes me think of my birthdays when I was little!), at which point he went and sat back down (next to Ryan, they spent a fair chunk of the time there together) and had a slice. Although to be fair he did actually leave one (small) spoonful, so he must have been quite full.

It was good because we got to talk to a few of the other parents from kindy and then after getting home I put him to bed and Deanne went and bought the two of us potato fritters and chips for tea, so that was nice.

Tomorrow Deanne and I are going in to the bank to discuss mortgages a bit, although after seeing the guy the other night we might not really need it, but it might be interesting to see the difference between the bank and the broker. We’re also probably going to see Bob in the afternoon so that should be fun.

Afraid I haven’t been taking many pictures the last couple of days as I haven’t spent a great deal of time with the boy, or else haven’t taken pictures when I have been with him.




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One response to “Party Time

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Glad Josh enjoyed his party – yes I well remember the ice cream birthday cakes – so easy – a large plain vanilla ice cream decorated with ‘Happy Birthday Daniel’ – it never failed to impress!!, particularly when the candles were lit.

    I am giving a talk at Dorchester Museum tonight on the Roman Villa – I suspect there will be rather a lot of people there. I have been out every evening this week, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend!

    I have the suitcases out ready for packing next week. Not long until we leave for Antigua.

    My friend Sue is coming over soon to help plan a scheme of work for the Quarry trail trenches which we will be doing on Monday. The weather forecast is good so that is the main thing.

    See you soon – Skype on Sunday?

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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