Dear Mum,
We’ve swapped Joshua’s daycare day to Friday and Julie is looking after him on Thursdays as well as every other Wednesday now.
That meant I had most of today to myself, so I called a bunch of recruitment consultants and sent my CV of to them to see if any of them can find me anything worthwhile to do.
I went to Coles this a’vo and bought a couple of boxes of sultana bran, some milk and a loaf of bread. A veritable breakfast! I also talked to a bloke about life insurance, as we still have ours in the UK and should think about moving it at some point, so we can shut our English bank account down.
Later on I played with Joshua for a bit. In fact when I say played with what I actually mean is I gave him my phone and he played with the Cbeebies game on it. I stayed with him though so he could show me when interesting things happened.
After tea Deanne, Josh and I went to Target to buy a birthday present for a boy in Josh’s class who’s party we’re going to tomorrow night. Should be interesting ’cause it’s the first time we’ll get to socialise with the parents from kindy.
Deanne has gone to bed but I had high blood sugar so I’m staying up a bit to check I’m okay.


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One response to “Cereal

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    The ‘cat-loser’ is in the garden painting the replacement fencing panels. Its a bit chilly so I’m very pleased that a) he didn’t invite me to help and b) even if I’d been invited I have too much work to do!!

    Snugs has just ‘performed’ in his tray – (wait a minute til I shut the door….phew – you are really lucky that its not smellymail!!

    Best of luck with the applications – don’t panic!!!

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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