Jab Time, Doo, Doo, Doo, Do, Doo

Dear Mum,

Julie dropped Josh off this morning so I got the morning to myself, sort of. I went to post a letter and get some cash out then applied for another couple of jobs.

After picking Joshy up in the afternoon I took him to the doctors because he needed his second Hepatitis B immunisation jab, he wasn’t particularly happy about it and it was about ten minutes after the event that he stopped crying. I don’t really know what happened as he used to be fine having them but the two we’ve been for since arriving in Aus’ have been a bit of a ‘mare!

After that we went to pick Deanne up from work and then headed swiftly back to look at a rental house, which was quite nice apart from not having a bath, only a shower, which could make it a bit tricky for bath times for Josh!

I’ve attached a picture of Joshua making himself into a “display”, which he does any time Julie is making her bed, like this morning.





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