Money, Money, Money

Dear Mum,

Another busy day today. Deanne dropped Joshy off at school this morning, she drove back here, then I gave her a lift to work so I could have the car.

I drove back via the shops so I could pick up some deodorant for me and some body-wash for Deanne. I also got a birthday card for Casper, the oldest of the NCT babies, or should I say boys now? Then I headed home and spent most of the morning finishing my CV and cover letter then sending it to the people I’m applying to, I have another couple to do tomorrow, but I think I might call the agents who are running the adverts to see if it is worth me going in to see them.

I also did a bit of washing, then headed off to collect Joshy from kindy. He seemed in fine form when I arrived and actually told me a little about his day. Apparently he learnt that eggs are ovals and bananas are crescents. That was pretty much all but frankly it’s better than I normally get so I was quite happy 🙂 Oh yes, Deanne just reminded me that Julie asked him what was on the back of his hand and he said “nothing”, then when she said it looked like a stamp and was it for being good he said that he had done it himself but washed it off so the other toddlers didn’t tell the teacher what it was. Not sure if I should be impressed or not by that???

This evening Julie and Rick are out at the Rocky Horror Show at the theatre, don’t worry, they didn’t dress up for it! Deanne called a mortgage broker who came to the house to talk to us, so we have spent most of the evening either with him or discussing what he told us. Which is that we should be able to afford the kind of houses we’ve actually been thinking about buying, so that is good. The guy did mention a few times that obviously we can’t really proceed until I’ve got a job and that I should get a job. I actually already knew this but thought it was kind of him to point it out so much!

Tomorrow is Nana/Joshy day again but he’s at school most of it, however I’m picking him up because he has another immunisation, not really looking forward to it after last time but better that than any of the horrible alternatives really.



Ps have attached a picture of a bird outside Dee’s work this morning, it’s the same as the one Joshua and I saw at the park last week.

A bird of some sort

A bird of some sort


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