Happy Birthday Julie

Dear Mum,

It was Julie’s birthday today, we didn’t do too much in the morning but lunch was booked at a restaurant at about midday on the beach in Rockingham, more or less, so we went down there and met up with Olive,Janice and Kody. There were quite few veggie options, I had a risotto, Deanne had a burger and Joshua went for pizza.

After we had eaten everyone left apart from us, we got Joshua changed and went down onto the beach to play. We must have been there an hour or so but it seemed like much longer in the heat of the day. However Joshua had a whale of a time and even went (a bit too far for our liking) into the water, pretty much over his shoulders! He also did the obligatory digging up the sand and burying his feet and mine.

After we packed up we went for a drive in to Fremantle so we could show Joshua the type of ship our container would have come in on, as he’s been asking about it a bit

Once we had done that we came home and Joshua watched a bit of TV while I made him some baked beans and toast, which he ate, then a yoghurt, then a pear. I was amazed he ate so much after eating half of a thick crust pizza and chips for lunch, and an ice lolly after he got home again from the beach.

Anyway, it was a busy day and we all had fun, but should probably have taken more to drink with us as Deanne and I were definitely a bit dehydrated when we got back, and I think Joshy might have been too as he was a bit on the grumpy side when I made his tea.

Tomorrow we’re doing a bunch of house viewings and then going to watch the fireworks at Point Walter in the evening.



Joshua at the beach.

Joshua at the beach.

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One response to “Happy Birthday Julie

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Say Happy Birthday to Julie from Dad and me – hope she had a good day.

    You’ve all been very busy – I bet you sleep well.

    Dad and I went to Wimborne Waitrose this morning to collect Joshie’s dinosaur bed things, did a bit of shopping there (so much more expensive that Sainsbury’s or the Co-op – but some yummy things!!) and then went to have a cup of coffee and a little walk. We were home by mid day so a bit of lunch, a scan of the Guardian and its an afternoon of ‘Worth Matravers report’ for me. Dad had gone up to the lab for a spot of fishing.

    Another fine sunny day – in fact there was a bit of frost early on. I have even put the washing out!!

    Hope that the house-search is fruitful

    Love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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