Dear Mum,
This morning Josh and I went to the library. He was so excited when I told him he could pick any five books (or DVDs) that he ran up to the boxes of books for young ‘uns and somehow managed to get two dinosaur books and one about an elephant. I helped him pick one from the older kids section which was a fold out dinosaur one, the final thing was a dinosaur train DVD.
When we got home I made a packed lunch and we went to the park, had lunch (Joshy had a Vegemite Sarnie) then played for an hour or two.
He watched some of his lent video and then we went to collect Deanne at four o’clock.
The three of us went to Heirisson island, initially he played on the playground, then we had a snack and walked to the other end of the island and saw the ‘roos. Joshua was quite excited because they were up and about this time as it was later in the day and a bit cooler than last time we went.
Tomorrow we’re all going out for lunch because it’s Julie’s birthday.



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