Quiet Please

Dear Mum,

A fairly quiet day today. I dropped Joshy off at daycare at 9am then went to Coles (a bit like Asda) and bought a couple of boxes of cereal, which I will have some of soon. when I got home I did the ironing and checked to see we didn’t have any more washing to do.

Most of the rest of the day was spent finishing my CV, so only the cover letter to do now, although I also did a bit of hoovering after Josh came home ’cause he had somehow secreted a small pile of sand in his trouser pockets and then emptied it out on the floor when we got back.

This evening I did some bits of paperwork, like changing my pension details and figuring out exactly what HMRC need me to do to have officially left the UK.

Joshua and I have no firm plans for tomorrow, although he would like to go to the park down the road and I thought we could head for the library and borrow some books for him, and maybe a DVD which we can watch together if he’s tired in the afternoon.




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One response to “Quiet Please

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Hope you had a good day ….hopefully the CV is completed.

    Dad and I went to Westbourne to deliver a parcel which we brought back from Brazil. For a change got there without getting lost!!

    We popped into John Lewis and had a bit of lunch and I ordered the dinosaur duvet cover for Joshua. I will pick it up from Waitrose in Wimborne on Saturday morning.

    I computed all afternoon – a rather large data set, tonight its more of the same but I’ll stop at 8.30pm to watch George Gently – I love the north east accents!!!

    I have two talks to give next week so I need to check them. I have a new talk to prepare for the beginning of April. It all takes time…

    Another fine day, only a few short showers, still a bit nippy!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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