Two Days

Dear Mum,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, not sure what happened to the time?!

Deanne took Joshua to kindy yesterday and then came back here so I could drive her to work. It’s a bit bonkers because it’s a twenty minute drive to her work but when she goes on the bus, then train, then bus it takes her nearly an hour, sometimes more!

When I came back I went to the local library and enrolled Joshua and I, Dee will have to do herself when she can get there as you need to prove your ID and sign some forms, but I have two shiny library cards now, one for the boy and one for me. While I was there I had a quick look around and found the section in the picture below, all about dinosaurs. They also had DVDs that you can borrow, some of which will be Joshua-suitable, so he and I might pop there on Friday and get him some books and a DVD to watch. You get them for three weeks so that’s pretty good.

In the afternoon I did computer-y things, still trying to get all the details together for the job application I’m doing for the role at Deanne’s old school.

When I picked up Joshua from kindy Ryan came out just after us and his Mum asked him what they had been doing. He said they had built a track out of play-dough and then unusually Joshua picked up on that and actually gave me a run down of what else he had done during the day. Apparently after building the track they played with some cars and planes on it, then he also got to touch a starfish (dried out, not live).

Talking of dead things, we also got a letter which Deanne sent to ToF so I assume you’ve seen it. Silly Tesco’s took the cancellation of our policy (in order to move the details to you at your house, while he’s staying with you) to mean that Snuggles was an ex-cat and wrote us a letter stating as much, offering us grief counselling and everything. Deanne reported this error to them on Twitter and they asked her to give them her details in a personal message but their second mistake was not realising that you can’t send a personal message to someone who isn’t following you! This may all sound like double-Dutch, but suffice to say that they have a bit of grovelling to do to make it up to us! It would have been worse if we hadn’t Skyped you (and the Snugs) the day before!

I popped into Josh’s school a bit early when I picked him up and offered to help out, so I got to write the titles of all the loan books they have in an exercise book so they can write people’s names next to them when they take them home.

Anyway today was a bit of housework day, I washed some clothes and our towels and then sent time on the PC doing job stuff again. It was Joshy/Nana day today so I hung about in the lounge, or our room on the computer while they were here, but they did go out a couple of times. Once to do the shopping and then in the afternoon to a play-centre.

When they got back Joshua was really excited to tell me that there was a curly-wurly slide AND a lumpy-bumpy one too, also a blow up castle WITH A SLIDE!!! He was obviously impressed 🙂

Later on he and Nana watched Happy Feet Two, which Julie had bought him while they were out shopping in the morning. I went to pick Deanne up from work at 4:30, then when we got home we all chatted about our days then had tea.

Josh is at daycare tomorrow so it’s another laptop/housework/paperwork day for me.





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One response to “Two Days

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Isn’t it amazing how when you’re at home, the time just disappears… I know, I speak with much experience!!!

    The library looks good, my eye caught the Neanderthal titles below the dinosaurs…

    Another pleasant day here, its a bit chilly bur sunny and bright, we have all sorts of stuff coming up in the garden, spring really is here.

    Marc and Ben are coming over in the next day or so to help dad put in the broken fence panel. Our neighbours have to sort out putting the three (which belong to them) up. We’ve arranged for a builder to fix the conservatory leak and to re-felt the shed roof. It may be done before we go to Antigua.

    I was out at St Aldhelm’s Head yesterday ( on the coast near Worth Matravers) for a site meeting. I am going to do some work there prior to stone quarrying. This will be a paid job (will go into the holiday fund. It was absolutely perishing, the wind howled from the channel, I was frozen stiff by time we finished.

    This morning we went to B&Q for garden stuff and light bulbs and to Staples for printer ink. Then into Wareham to put a cheque in the bank. Then I had to see someone at Purbeck District Council. By time we got back it was lunchtime so as yet no work done. Dad has just gone fishing so all being wee and providing I don’t get distracted I hope to tick several things off my ‘to do list’.

    By the way – nothing from Deanne on dad’s email. I can guarantee that Snuggles is very alive and extremely well!!!!

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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