Josh In Charge

Dear Mum,
It was a bit weird when we turned up today as the other class were all there and waiting to go in, but Joshua and I were the first ones to arrive (at about quarter to nine). A couple of minutes later Ryan turned up and I asked Jane if we had missed something. She said she wasn’t sure but hoped not.
The buzzer went at ten to nine, there were three (six) of us stood outside waiting and after a moment Mrs Wade put her head out and said “is everybody late?”, so we went in and put Joshy’s drink and snack in their respective pots. I asked him if he wanted a story but he said puzzle, but before we sat down he asked if he could swap his library book, so I told him to go and ask Mrs Wade, which he duly did! She told us that she would get the books out before the end of class so he could swap it, along with some of the other kids who are obviously fast readers too 🙂
Ryan got to ring the bell today, he was told to go and get it and I said to Joshua that it was time for me to go, so he stood up, gave me a kiss and a cuddle, then went and told some other kids who were playing with some toys in a big washing basket type thing that it was time to pack up and get ready for class!!!
Personally I spent the whole day writing stuff for my application to Deanne’s old school. I’m pretty sure I have everything they are looking for, it’s just a case of figuring out how to write that down!
Josh and I also went to look at a rental property at 5:30. It was really good but probably a little too small for what we need to pack all our stuff into when it arrives.
Tomorrow Josh is at kindy again and I’m doing more of the same again. It might be handy to have those details from Linda if she’s willing to give them to me. I’m not in desperate need of a job yet, I don’t really need to start something until April-ish, but time’s a marching on so I’m starting to get a bit more serious about the whole employment thing now.


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