Ride Like The Wind Joshua

Dear Mum,

It was a relaxing day today, in that we didn’t have anything planned. Joshua and I played with his Lego and his little plane launching ramp after we woke up and that kept us quiet for most of the morning. We decided to go to Bull Creek shops on the bikes (Deanne on hers and me walking to help Josh on his), but then realised it was lunch time so had various versions of cheese with stuff, Deanne had a sandwich, I had leftovers and Joshua had cheese with crackers, which is apparently a big favourite at kindy too. Pretty sure for the staff as it’s easy to hand out for snack time!

So after lunch they got their cycling helmets on (it’s illegal to go an a bike without them over here), then we set off. It doesn’t seem that far when you drive there but when you’re pulling and pushing a nearly-four year old on his bicycle it’s quite a long way. We exchanged the cycle helmet Deanne had bought from Target which was a bit too big, then went to Woolworths to get a few bits of shopping.

Then we went and bought an iced bun which was almost as big as Joshy’s head and he ate half of it and drank the carton of drink we bought for him in Woolies before we set off for home again.

We had the intention of going swimming when we got back, but Joshua just wanted to watch some TV and then got in a bad mood and misbehaved so we put him in time out in his room for five minutes, and after the five minutes had passed and Deanne went to check on him he had put himself to bed and was fast asleep, for an hour and a half.

Then we Skyped you.

Tomorrow Josh is at Kindy, Deanne is at work and I’m applying for a bunch of jobs.



Joshua on his bike

Ride like the wind Joshua


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One response to “Ride Like The Wind Joshua

  • Mum

    Hello my beautiful boy

    It was fantastic talking to you all this morning, I love it when Josh shows us stuff as though we are in the room. Best of luck with your applications. Do you want the contact Linda has for Perth jobs – some friend or other?

    I’m back in my office ‘sorting and tidying’. I keep creating piles of paper, shuffling them and appearing to make more mess! Still can’t see that actual table surface.

    I had 3/4 of a lemon in the fridge so quickly made some little lemon buns – they look yummy. Should probably freeze some so we don’t pig out.

    Looking at our calendar, this week does not seem as frantic as last (which was very tiring). We have to go to Westbourne on Thursday to deliver a parcel which we brought back from Brazil – long story….l I will persuade dad that it would be an excellent opportunity to visit John Lewis!!!

    Well, I guess its back to the paper (and a cup of tea …. and a little lemon bun…)

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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