Dear Mum,
No accidents today, you’ll be pleased to hear!
We got to SciTech at about 11 and headed down to the far end, where there is a stage and a little kind of theatre-y show with actions (which Joshua didn’t take part in) and some ventriloquism, which he thought was rather good.
After the show we had lunch then started looking at the actual science and technology things. It was really good. Everything there is interactive, so there are lots of things to wind up and make balls go round big metal circuits to show how kinetic and potential energy and momentum all work. Then you could build cars out of Lego and race them down a big ramp to see which design was best, and all sorts of other exciting things for little boys (and big boys) to do.
At 12:30 there was a “bubbles show” which did exactly what it said on the packet. It was pretty good but the girl who was doing the show was trying to rely a bit too much on audience participation from a bunch of 2 to 5 year olds, which made it go on a tad longer than it should have done!
It was also good because there was an area with seats and tables, so you can take your own food and drink, which we did do, and so not have to buy lunch.
We went out for a quick drink, and a bit to eat for Josh. But on the understanding that yes, we would be going back in before we took him home. Then after that we spent another half hour or so, where he played at being a builder and put foam bricks in a wheelbarrow and then built and destroyed a wall and hoisted them up in the air. Then we actually did come home.
Joshua was ever so well behaved and I think we’ll probably actually buy ourselves season tickets, as I could see us spending a fair bit of time there.
I did try Skyping you when we got home but you appeared to be out so we’ll have another go tomorrow.
P.s. apologies if this isn’t very well spelled or formatted, I’m writing it on the tablet because I couldn’t be bothered firing up the laptop after such a tiring day!


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One response to “SciTech

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Sorry we missed you this morning

    WE had an early start for the shopping and were out just after 9. We went over to Ferndown, had a coffee and look round the garden centre and then on to Sainsbury’s. Didn’t get home until midday.

    It sounds as though you had lots of fun on your day out

    I printed out some of the photos you have sent me including the fantastic landscape from your trip out with Bob. Where exactly was that?

    I didn’t do a lot of work yesterday and today is already half over. I have very good intentions but ‘stuff gets in the way!!’. I still have the Worth Matravers archaeology report to complete – that is going to linger for quite a few months yet. I have to prepare to go back to the Roman villa and before that I have to sort out a big job at St Aldhelm’s Head Quarry.

    Somebody please explain what this word ‘retirement’ actually means!!

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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