In The Wars

Dear Mum,

This morning Julie, Josh and I went to a dinosaur themed play centre. We arrived at about 9:30 and stayed until midday. I’ve attached a picture at the bottom which is actually Joshua, but he’s travelling down the curly slide so fast that he’s just a blur 🙂

While we were there he had an ice lolly and a blackcurrant and apple drink, then at about 11:30 Nana bought a big bowl of potato wedges and he had a few of them (I tried to put him off as it as near lunch time but he did seem very hungry and didn’t heed my suggestions. He had a great time and only had one small incident where he accidentally ran into a mesh fence and hurt his nose a little bit, but he only took a minute to recover before he was up and running again.

I forgot to take socks for him with us (they have to wear socks on the play centre equipmment) so i had to buy him some there. They only cost three dollars and have dinosaurs on them, and weren’t actually bad quality, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

When we got back at about half twelve I made some little pizzas for us and he ate the whole thing. Pretty sure he’s growing!

I put him down for a nap but while I was reading a story to him (Winnie The Pooh – The Heffalump) but half way through he did something which must have knocked off a scab on his ankle, which he got at kindy earlier this week. I managed to get my hand under his leg before he bled on Julie’s cream carpets (he bled a lot!) and took him to the bath, where it got a bit of a wash and a plaster on it.

After his nap we went to the park down the road and played on the playground for a while, although before we started playing he had insisted on taking the book he brought home from school and reading it 🙂 However while he was playing he tried to drop down between tow bits of metal and headbutted the front and back of his head on them. He cried…third time today 😦

But it didn’t take too long for him to recover and then we finished playing, had a quick bite to eat and then came home (after watching some ants carrying some bits of oats from the bar we had been eating back to their nest.

Anyway, that’s the most he’s hurt himself for some time, hopefully the bad luck comes in threes thing is going to hold and that’s the end of it.

Tomorrow we’re going to scitech, which is the science and technology museum place, so that should be fun.





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One response to “In The Wars

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Accident prone or what!!!! More to the point, how is Julie’s carpet?????

    We’ve had a couple of busy days – my GP visit re. the blood pressure went well – its a bit above normal but not worryingly so. I’ve to do a month of twice a day readings. Dad had a Poole Hospital appointment yesterday and had been signed off – his eyes are fine for his age!!!

    Got Josh’s birthday present while we were in Poole and will send off in the next few weeks.

    This morning I had a meeting in Dorchester (dad went pike fishing). This afternoon we had a builder come to estimate fixing the conservatory leak and replacing the shed roof. Tnen it was off to Swanage to get some more fence panels….

    Its now 4pm and I’ve yet to do any work….. By time I’ve done the ironing and made the tea…

    However, the sun is shining and its not raining.

    Speak soon, love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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