Tired Boy

Dear Mum,

Joshua wasn’t quite so clingy when I dropped him at daycare today. He held on tight to me until I’d given him a kiss and a cuddle, but then he said goodbye and went to sit on the mat with all the other kids.

I spent time today trying to find out about whether the warranty on my insulin pump is actually transferable. I received an email from one of the women I talked to from Accu-Chek the other night who said I needed to check with my insurance company, so I called up our private insurance company (ooh, how posh) and they said that as long as Accu-Chek will write me a letter stating it’s time for a replacement then they will stump up the money for a replacement pump when the time comes (next February).

Apart from that I’m not entirely certain what I did today but whatever it was seemed to take up the rest of my day!

I picked up Joshy at half three, which appeared to be a mistake as everyone seems to take a drive at half past three. Anyway, I got there for about half past and went in, Joshua was turned in the other direction playing with a couple of puzzles but one of the other kids pointed at me and told him that is daddy was there. Which is exactly what used to happen when I turned up at nursery 🙂

When we got home he had an ice lolly (it was 37 degrees today) then we went for a swim. While we were getting ready he took a couple more of the bits of polystyrene out of his float jacket, so that’s one and a half of the holders that is empty of floats now! This meant he had the tip of his chin in the water for most of the time he was swimming, but he seemed fine with that and was mainly breathing through his nose.

After that we came back in and had tea, as Nana goes out bowling on a Thursday night so it was an early tea.

Tomorrow morning Nana, Joshua and I are going to a dinosaur themed play-centre, which I assume Josh will enjoy.




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