Busy Evening

Dear Mum,

Today was Joshy/Nana day so I spent some of it working on then sending a job application off, some of it sending my book to another publishing company, some of it writing emails to various diabetes related people and then when it was time for him to be fetched I took my Kindle to the park and read for a couple of hours.

At five thirty was Joshua’s class parent teacher meeting thing, so Deanne and I went along and the teachers told us what goes on in the room and about some bits and pieces that were useful to know about.

We got home at about five to seven, stuffed our dinner in our mouths, kissed Joshua goodnight and then went out as it was the first P&C (Parents and Citizens association, apparently!). It was good because they discussed all sorts of things we wouldn’t otherwise have been party to, also Harry(from the other kindy class)’s mum was there so Dee and her had a bit of a chat afterwards. I also appear to have volunteered my services to help sort out the school website, which is a bit of a mess at the moment. So at least I’m going to be busy!

Gotta go to sleep now as two nights out (at grown up meetings) has been too much for me.




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