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Dear Mum,

Joshua had a good day at kindy today. You obviously saw the picture he got me to send you of the little dancing man he made there. Deanne dropped him off this morning and apparently when the bell rang he gave her a quick kiss and a cuddle then sat on the carpet and said goodbye…and that was it! When I picked him up he brought out the paper man he had made and then went to put his stuff in his bag. Before the end of class I had been talking to Ryan’s mum and when Ryan had put all his stuff together he came to Joshua and said goodbye (sadly not au revoir!), I was so happy as the two of them seem to be becoming friends, which takes a weight off our minds.

This evening I went to an insulin pump session run by the NDSS. It was more-or-less for people who are thinking about going on to a pump, however I though it would be useful for me to be able to ask a few questions about supplies and how it works for diabetics over here.

However it was more than useful as I have now met a few contacts and got a few details of people to ask about things. The woman I talked to from Accu-Chek has given me her card so I can email her to ask about the warranty on my pump, as she has never been asked before if a warranty can be transferred from the UK to Australia. I also talked to one of the people who seem to run the WA branch of the NDSS, and he was extremely happy to give me information and advice.

The weirdest thing though was that one of the ladies who had organised the session (a type 1 herself) was going to talk about what it’s like having an insulin pump. But she wasn’t very well and had to excuse herself, so I volunteered to do an off the cuff talk myself. After the official lady from NDSS had done her presentation I talked for around ten minutes about my own experiences and life with a pump. I think I did okay although it’s always a little hard to tell with these sort of things, but now I’m somewhat hoarse from all the talking and answering people’s questions afterwards.

A good night in all 🙂




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