Another Job

Dear Mum,

When I dropped Joshy off at kindy today he was a little unsure as to what he was going to do when we got there, e.g. reading, puzzle, playing, etc. However we arrived and put his bag down and another boy was sitting at the end of the bench next to Josh’s bag. The other boy pointed at the bag and started saying what the dinosaurs on it were. It turned out that this boy was Ryan, who is the other boy who’s been a bit emotional when his mum (Jane) has left him in the morning. After going inside and having a look at the fish, which have finally been put in the fish-tank, we looked around for something to do and noticed Ryan was doing a puzzle. I asked Joshua if he wanted to join in, which he did! They did the puzzle together, then Ryan went to the toilet, and so did Joshua. Then the bell rang and Joshua gave me a number of kisses and cuddles then Ryan went to sit next to him and Jane and I left and said it was nice that neither of them had cried. Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

I worked on my CV for a new job, funnily enough in the same place as the other one I went for but slightly lower down the food chain. I haven’t finished the application yet but hopefully it won’t take me too long to get it done tomorrow. In the afternoon I (stupidly) thought it would be a good idea to iron our clothes. By the time I finished I felt a bit like I was in a sauna because it was so hot.

Picked Joshy up at the end of school and he said that he had a good day, but couldn’t tell me what he had done apart from playing in both the sandpits and on the climbing frame and slide.

Tomorrow I’ll just be finishing my job stuff and sending it off, not sure what else.

Oh yes I just remembered, I’ll send you Joshua’s dinosaur picture, but he’s still working on it 🙂




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One response to “Another Job

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Don’t know what the weather was like today because I was in my office from 9-5!!

    Sue came over and we sorted out Kimmeridge shale for the Worth Report. Its wet and black and horrible to work with, we looked like coal men by time we’d finished.

    You should be like Richard and Ana and not iron – Jasmine’s clothes are ironed beautifully – Mary does those!

    attached a photo of the water in our garden on Friday – it had gone by Saturday

    Snuggles loves going in the garage = I guess that its the next best thing to going outside

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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