Dear Mum,

It has actually been quite a quiet day today, we did a fair bit of clothes and bedclothes washing, along with hanging out and folding. i probably need to do a bit of ironing tonight so won’t write much.

Joshua and I made a picture from the things we collected down South yesterday, glueing the honky nuts. leaves and pine needle type foliage to a piece of paper. I’ll try and take a photo of it tomorrow to send you. It was of course a picture of dinosaurs!

This afternoon we went to the house of a man who was selling a bicycle, which Deanne bought. So I’m the only one without a bike now and need to start looking for something so we can all go out riding together.

Julie and Rick got back from their holiday at about 3pm, then Deanne made potato wedges and slices for tea. Joshy had fish fingers and Julie and Rick had sausages and pork chops. I made a salad.

Tomorrow is kindy day again so I’m at home, but another job has come up so I’m going to prepare and send off my CV for that.




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One response to “Bike

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    Look forward to seeing the “nutty picture”
    We had tuna, salad and a special salsa sort of thing I made up – chopped up tomato, cucumber, red pepper, mango and red grape – it was delicious. Sainsbury’s mangos are particularly good just now.
    I also did bedclothes today but the ironing will have to wait until tomorrow
    Love Mum

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