Down South

Dear Mum,
Today we picked up Bob then went South, about an hour and a half South in fact. It was still hot down there but maybe a little cooler than Perth itself.
I spent some of the time looking out the window to spot wildlife… Yes I’m turning into ToF, but that’s not all bad! In order of sighting I saw:
1 Llama
1 Emu
(Possibly) Twenty-Eight Parrots (not a number, a common name)
(Possibly) Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo
A Dead Kangaroo
Pink And Grey Galahs
2 Camels (captive)
We also saw a sign on a barn stating “trespassers will be prosecuted”, which Joshua thought was good, what with having been reading Pooh Bear for about six weeks solid now!
We stopped at Stirling Dam and had a walk across the top, which is where the attached picture is from.
For lunch we stopped in a small town at a small café and had variations on a cheese sandwich, although Bob’s was more of a chicken wrap! After lunch we walked through the town and popped into a bakery, where we bought a small stick of bread to go with our risotto for tea and also the largest chocolate eclair I’ve ever seen. Which I rather enjoyed.
Then, on the drive back we also stopped at a cheese shop, which also sold ice cream. Which was also nice (honeycomb, yum).
On the way home Bob sat in the back with Joshy and tickled him. Joshua was laughing so hard we were a bit worried he was going to bring up the ice cream, thankfully we got back to Bob’s before that happened.
Tomorrow is a rest day!



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One response to “Down South

  • Mum

    Hi Dan
    Your photo was absolutely stunning – wow.
    Dad and I went to Portsmouth today – he was giving a talk to the mullet club – It went well. I had warned him to keep it fairly brief and he only talked for 3/4 hour – the last talk I went to with him he went on for two hours; I sort of lost the will to live!!!!!!
    We’ve had two dry days in a row and the forecast for the week is not too bad.
    We’ve booked the Hilton hotel, South terminal, Gatwick for the night before we fly to Antigua & will book the coach next week.
    I’m still up to me eyes in archaeology reports, I would love to have finished them before I go back to the Roman villa. I have done a little work tonight, but have had an hour off watching “The Midwives”. Dad retreats to his office!!!
    Love Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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