Dinosaurs, Roar!

Dear Mum,

Joshua and I headed off to get the bus at around nine o’clock this morning. we were in town by about half past and it took us until about ten to find the WA Museum.

We went into the big glass walled reception bit and the first thing that was obviously worth looking at was a full sized replica of a carnotaurus. Joshua was quite happy looking at this until it played back some recorded roaring, at which point he started looking upset and telling me we had to get away from it.

I took him to the second floor where the earth sciences and palaeontology bit is. We looked at the meteorites and walked round the section getting closer and closer to the present but as soon as he saw the fossil dinosaur skeletons he started crying to get away and that he didn’t like dinosaurs.

I was obviously a bit worried about this as he’s liked dinosaurs since he got that Sam Stegosaurus book when he was about three months old, however I took him to the outside bit where you can eat and we had a snack and a drink and then went back in. He was still terrified of the carnotaurus and asked me to carry him through the reception bit, but when we went upstairs again he was fine by the time we got to the fossils, which is good because there was a¬†muttaburrasaurus and a diprotodon, which is a bit of a theme over here, I guess because it’s where they lived.

We also went through the mammal bit, with lots of stuffed creatures, the butterfly hall, the birds and the discovery room which had a bunch of things to touch and drawers you could pull out with pinned spiders, scorpions, etc.

This afternoon he had a nap and I did some housework then, after Deanne got home we went to the local Chinese restaurant for a meal, to celebrate that she’s actually been paid, it was very nice and we even had enough to bring some home in a doggy bag.

Another pretty full day and, although the museum isn’t anywhere as big as the Natural History Museum in London (Duh!) it was still really good and Joshua told Deanne that he’d like to take her there some time soon.

We’re off down South with Bob tomorrow but I’ll speak to you tomorrow night to tell you about it.




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One response to “Dinosaurs, Roar!

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    The dinosaur was obviously a bit too realistic!!!!

    Hope you didn’t call this am as we had to go out early. We were going to go to Dorchester – need to change the car and the garage say they have a ‘special deal’ for us………

    However I got my credit card statement and the beginning of January balance, which I paid at the bank before I went to Brazil, had been paid and then came back because the bank cashier had put a wrong number in…. It’s all sorted now and I’m not having to pay outstanding charges. Also have arranged a direct debit so wherever we are in the world the credit card bill is paid.

    Weather today is truly horrible – cold, windy (supposedly getting worse) and lashings of rain, we had a puddle six inches deep outside the conservatory.

    I should be working but all I feel like doing is curling up with a book by the fire….Snuggles has the right idea – apart from eating, he’s slept all day.

    Love Mum


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