Dear Mum,

I took Joshua to day-care this morning, he was a bit sad as I left but the nice lady took him to the gate in the playground so he could wave goodbye as I drove away.

At home I reorganised our room so I could stop the temporary clothes hanger from falling over like it did the other night and scared the willies out of me. I put the chair from one corner next to the hanger and brought a mirror that was in the carport inside so we can see how we look before leaving the house.

I also did some washing and drying (drying our bedclothes took, at most, an hour), made a few phone calls and went shopping at Woolworths, which is pretty much the Tescos of Australia.

Picked Joshua up at three. I did suggest four when I dropped him off but he negotiated me down. When we got home we popped to the local shops to post a letter and pick up a little french stick, to make garlic bread with for tea to go with risotto.

Then we went swimming for half an hour before I made tea.

It doesn’t sound a lot when I write it down in sequence like that but it was a particularly tiring day!

Tomorrow I’m taking Josh to the Western Australian Museum. I think they have dinosaurs, although I’m not sure how many, but I’m sure we’ll find some exciting things to look at.




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