Kings Park

Dear Mum,

This morning I packed a picnic and Joshua and I headed out to Kings Park, there is a bot of it called Synergy Park which has amazing sculptures of extinct animals, such as the diprotodon, some enormous semi aquatic reptile that looked like a crocodile, but wasn’t related to them apparently and a muttaburrasaurus which is, of course, one of the dinosaurs from Walking With Dinosaurs so Josh was ecstatic.

We had a snack while we were there but he spent most of the time climbing all over the sculptures and had a whale of a time. There is also a big playground there with slides and steps and ladders so he had a bit of a play on those, but mainly wanted to look at and climb on the statues.

We came home, had cheese sandwiches for lunch – a bit of a theme, I think now that I’m at home I need to do some research on other things to eat at lunch time – then went out to look at another house, it was quite a nice one, but big. Interestingly the estate agent more or less said that it’s a tenant’s market at the moment, so hopefully when we’re actually ready to rent we can make a silly offer and someone will be desperate enough to take it 🙂

On the way to the house we drove past his school and I pointed out the kids on the playing field, he surprised me somewhat by saying that he does that too. when I asked him what he does on the playing field he said “sports” and that was all I could get out of him, but teaching kindy kids sport must be a bit like herding cats!

After we got home again we went swimming, which was very nice as it was hot today. After that it was time to make tea, or at least heat up another tea that Julie made for us before she went on holiday. However that was the last pre-made meal so I’m going to have to cook tomorrow!!! I’d best get looking in the cupboard.

Josh is at day-care tomorrow so  have a day of doing grown up things again. Now though it’s time for supper and bed.




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