Dear Mum,

For the first time today Joshua didn’t look massively sad when I dropped him off, we got to kindy, put his water and fruit in their respective bowls then I read him a book, sat on the carpet with the other boys and girls and their parents (mums mainly), then he did a puzzle, then he got up and showed me around a bit. We looked at the fish-tank, sadly lacking fish at the moment, then he looked over another boy’s shoulder at a puzzle, the boys mum asked him if it was okay for Josh to sit with him and help with the puzzle. His name was Leo and he was one of the older boys (you can tell by the red shirts, rather than blue like Josh wears.

After that it was time for the bell, Joshua gave me a kiss and a cuddle and sat down on the carpet. He looked a teensy bit unhappy but didn’t cry at all. I was really proud. I had to go see the ladies in the office as one of his shirts doesn’t fit him properly ’cause of a bad bit of stitching on the neck meaning we can’t easily fit his enormous head into it. When I came back I had to walk past the open door of his room and I saw him sitting with his arms and legs crossed looking intently at his teacher and listening very carefully to what she was saying. I was so proud 🙂

When I got home I decided it’d be a good idea to wash our car, however that was a mistake, it took me about two hours because I had to keep coming inside to recover from the heat and to stop sweating (uurgh!). However it looks pretty good now and hopefully won’t have bird dropping shaped marks burned in to the paintwork from the sun.

The I spent an hour or so reformatting and adding my details to my book then I sent it off to a publisher. They are called BAEN and specialise in sci-fi and fantasy, so hopefully mine is just about what they are looking for. Anyway I’ll tell you in about nine months to a year, which is the lead time on them getting back to me!

Picked Joshua up and came home, then we went to view a house, which didn’t have a bath so no use really, however after asking our budget and where we wanted to be the real estate guy tried to rent a house to us for $120 more a week and in a completely different place.

Tomorrow is Joshy/Daddy day as Julie is away this week in the caravan, but I’m not sure what we’re doing yet. However I’m thinking he and I might head for town and go to the museum on Friday so I’m looking forward to that.




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