Tell Me Why…

Dear Mum,

Monday again! It’s been quite a busy day but I’ve been working most of this evening on my book as I’ve found a decent publisher who accepts electronic copy, so I’ve been working on that tonight.

Deanne took Josh to Kindy so I could go to my interview. It went okay but I wasn’t really suitable for the job I’d gone for, however the nice man gave me the phone number of someone in another institution who I can call and try and wheedle a job out of. He also called her and left a voice-mail for her telling her how good I was, so that’s pretty good. I haven’t managed to contact her yet but I’ll keep trying.

Picked Joshy up from Kindy this a’vo and he seemed perfectly happy, although happy to see me too. Apparently he emptied the sand out of his shoes on the grass before he went back inside after playtime today 🙂 He also did some writing on the computer, although I’ve yet to see the fruits of this labour.

Deanne had a meeting with her CEO today, which went pretty well by the sound of things.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and get my manuscript finished and sent if I can, as well as organising some more house viewings for Wednesday and probably some other bits and pieces.

Oh yes, I also called the NDSS and checked to see if I can get cheap blood test sticks, as they are the thing I’m going to run out of first, it appears that I can, although they’re still going to cost me around eight dollars a tub :-S




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