Indian Ring Necked Parakeets

Dear Mum,

The only thing we had planned for today was heading to Bob’s this a’vo to see his ring necked parakeets, however after a late-ish start (we didn’t get out of bed until about eight) Deanne suggested I do a test run to the consultancy I’m going to on Monday morning for the chat about this job I’m trying out for.

I took public transport, which isn’t so bad, the only real problem being the waiting between the bus and the train, then the train and the bus, etc. etc. However it only took me about 45 minutes from Julie’s to the offices I need to go to, so that’s not too bad. Although not sure how comfortable it’ll be if I’m wearing a suit?!?!

We had cheese on toast for lunch then got in the car and went over to Pops’ house, we drank a lot of squash, Diet Coke and water because it was very hot. He has got himself a rug which has very long fibres on it and Bob showed Joshua how you could make patterns in it by rubbing your hands through it in different directions. We also spent a bit of time looking in the Attenborough First Life book that Bob owns, which Joshua thought was pretty good.

Came home, had sausage and mash for tea then put the boy to bed and have watched a little of the Olympics, speed skating and some kind of acrobatic snowboarding, going to bed soon as it’s been a tiring day all round.




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