Joshy/Daddy Day

Dear Mum,
So, it was the first Joshy/Daddy day today and frankly I’m knackered!
This morning Julie, Josh and I went to the Jungle Gym in Willeton. It was like an old practice gymnastics place that had been done out in lots of childproof padding and bouncy slides, etc. We went in and Joshua immediately ran on to the equipment and started bouncing on trampolines, swinging on ropes and sliding down slides. It was open from 9:30 ’till 11:30 but after an hour he got too tired and a little bit sad, so I asked him if he wanted to go and he nodded his head.
I put him to bed after a snack, he wasn’t tired… obviously, but slept for two hours.
When he woke up I gave him a cheese sarnie for lunch then went for a swim. After the swim we got changed again and by that time it was late enough for me to make tea as Julie and Rick were going out. We had burgers and chips, which were quite nice. Joshua went to bed and now we’re watching a bit of TV (which, on the whole is rubbish over here!!!) before we do the same thing after my busy week being a house husband and Deanne being at work.
So after four weeks it’s finally starting to feel like real life.


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