Cry Me A Day Care

Dear Mum,

It was Joshua’s first day in daycare today and I took him in for about nine o’clock. Unfortunately he was a bit sad again as I left and the woman there had to pick him up to stop him from following me. She called me at about ten to tell me he had stopped crying pretty quickly and settled down, then had built some very impressive structures out of the magnetic building blocks.

The rest of the morning I did bits and pieces of paperwork and sorting out my digital life in Australia, e.g. trying to set up my Transperth train and bus card so I could see it on line and add money, etc. if I needed to. Then at about midday I got a call. My mobile was in the lounge and I was sitting in the sitting room eating the remains of a pie Julie made the other night, I was one mouthful away from finishing and thought “oh, that’ll probably be Deanne” but thankfully didn’t shove the remaining food in and start chewing as it was the recruitment consultant I sent my CV to yesterday telling me he would like me to come and see him on Monday morning for a chat. I suspect having a mouthful of food may have hampered the conversation somewhat.

Anyway, after that I spent most of the rest of the afternoon wondering round the house in a bit of a daze until I picked Josh up again at three. When I arrived I could see him playing with some stacking stuff toys with a few other boys and girls and one of the grown ups. He seemed pretty happy and when I questioned him about it in the car home he suggested that daycare was more like his nursery, which I assume is why he coped slightly better with it than Kindy.

After we had got home and Joshy had eaten some barbecue shapes we went to collect Deanne, whose travel card hadn’t charged itself with money ’cause we had foolishly not checked the bank account before setting the direct debit up, so didn’t have enough to pay it. However that’s all sorted now and she has charged it up with enough to keep going until we can get the direct debit back in place.

It’s the first Joshy/Daddy day tomorrow and we’re going to a Gym session first thing in the morning, so it’ll be interesting to see how that compares to the ones we did in Nottingham.

Gotta go now, time for bed…yawn!




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