Hot, Hot, Hot (Without Oscar And Arabella)

Dear Mum,

Today it was Julie’s turn to drop Josh off at Kindy, Deanne took her, as she had the car today to be at work for an early meeting and to show Nana what to do when she got there. However something must have upset Joshua because when they left he reacted the same way as he had on Monday, crying and screaming and trying to run after them, etc. 😦

My day was mostly spent completing my CV for this job I’m going for, however it’s all done and sent off now so that’s (probably) good.

At about three it was time for Julie to pick Joshua up, after which she was going to collect Big Nana then come home and spend some time together so I made myself rare. But as it turns out three days at Kindy was a bit much for him and he fell asleep in the car on the way to Olive’s house and then stayed asleep until he was home and in his own bed, where he stayed for an hour and a half.

Meanwhile I had walked over to Bull Creek shops, which doesn’t seem that far in the car but took me twenty minutes in the burning hot sun, don’t worry I’d suntan lotioned myself up but it seemed a long twenty minutes. I also took a can of Diet Coke with me, which I think was just as well. When I got there I went to look around Woolworth’s at the groceries, which was interesting if a little terrifying. The few things I actually recognise cost about twice as much as the things I don’t, I guess that’s not surprising as the brands I know must mainly be European. It was interesting though, and also because the “deals” they do tend to be 25 or 50 percent off rather than e.g. 10p off as I’d have expected in England.

After that I went to the bank and changed the PIN number on my final bank card so now I have a(n over)full set of bank cards in my wallet and nothing to spend on any of them until Deanne starts to get paid.

Joshua is at Day Care tomorrow and I’m dropping him off so it’ll be interesting to see how he goes in a different place. He remembers playing with the Dinosaur Lego when we visited the other week, and when I was talking about it with him tonight said that he would try not to cry. I told him that it’s okay if he cries and that he just needs to tell me how he’s feeling.

Anyway, I’ll obviously tell you how that goes tomorrow so that’ll be something to look forward to.




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