Settling In

Dear Mum,

I dropped Joshua off on my own today. I discussed with him last night what would happen: put his bag on the shelves outside, put his water and snack in the baskets inside, choose and read a book together, then when the bell is rung have a kiss (and a cuddle, he insisted) then Daddy would leave.

So off we went, everything was running to plan, then I heard his teacher say it as time to ring the bell so I told him it was nearly time for me to go and his eyes got really damp. I held his hand and led him to the carpet in the middle of the room where they sit when they start and finish the day and he gave me a little kiss and a cuddle. By this point the tears were starting to make little rivulets on his face, he sat on the floor and I stepped across the carpet.

As I looked round he reached his arm up towards me and my heart nearly crumbled, I asked if he wanted another cuddle and he nodded, came over, hugged me, then went and sat back on the floor again. I almost cried myself but managed to hold it together. He was so brave because he knew he had to stay and I had to leave him today.

I spent a lot of the rest of today working on my CV for this job, it has to be in by the end of tomorrow so, after Deanne gave me some tips tonight, it should be ready on time. A bit later I went to the shopping centre, which has the cinema in which we took Joshy to see Walking With Dinosaurs the other week, and I went to Woolworths to do a bit of shopping, just a few things for Joshy and Deanne’s lunches, He’s only at Kindy tomorrow, then Thursday in Day Care, then Friday it’s my first Joshy/Daddy day 🙂 Although I think first thing Julie and he and I are heading to a gym class for him, which should be fun.

When I picked the boy up at three he seemed much happier than yesterday and had a lovely picture he’d drawn which he said was a crossword! On the other side he had written his name, I was very impressed.

Tomorrow is Nana/Joshy day, however Deanne and Nana are dropping him at Kindy, then Nana is picking him up. I’m going to head out about three o’clock so he can actually spend some alone time with Julie without me there for him to cling on to.




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