South Beach

Dear Mum,
The last day before I become a fully fledged stay at home Dad today. Joshua didn’t wake up until almost eight o’ clock, he was tired from the swimming yesterday afternoon but once he’d woken up and had breakfast he started to get quite excited about our trip to the beach.
We set off at about 11 after a bit of a slow start. Rick drove us in their enormo-truck down to South Beach. There is a big playground there and then paths down to the beach, which was lovely. Josh played on the playground for a while then we had a bit to eat, mainly salad and leftovers which were very nice.
Julie and Rock stayed with the stuff and Joshy, Deanne and I went down to the water. He had a great time digging holes, filling them up with water, sitting in them, waiting for the tide to come in and fill the holes up and then going into the sea for a quick swim.
We didn’t get home until about four and mainly did housework until we Skyped you at six.
After tea we put Joshua to bed then spent some time making sure we have all his stuff ready for kindergarten tomorrow. We’re a little nervous but I’m sure he’ll be fine… Obviously Deanne also starts at work too and I’m off to the doctors to get my driving licence signed off then possibly going to look at a bunch of houses to rent.
Busy, busy, busy!


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One response to “South Beach

  • Deanne

    You failed to mention the circling low-flying helicopter, the fisheries boats going up and down the beach and your conspiracy theory!! xx

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