Dear Mum,

Sorry for not writing yesterday but our laptop finally arrived on Thursday and so I was setting it up last night, which took a while. However, it’s now sorted and I’m writing this on it, it’s pretty cool!

Yesterday we went to Joshua’s school to pick up his “book list”, which is just a bunch of things he needs to start Kindergarten with, notebook, marker pens, etc. We also met another lad who is probably going to be in Joshy’s class, and his name was Harry 🙂

In the afternoon I drove (on myself) to a computer shop and picked up a wireless switch to plug in to Julie’s router, which means that we can actually use all our devices, tablet, phones and laptop around the house rather than having to use their laptop.

For tea yesterday we actually went into Perth city as it was Chinese new year, so we watched some dancing dragons (Joshua wasn’t too keen), then bought some food. Joshua had a pizza, which he all but one slice of, Deanne and I had burritos which were very filling. We got home late-ish so Josh didn’t have a bath, but we had swum quickly before going out so he was okay.

This morning Julie took us to the markets at Kalamunda, they were quite good and we stopped for a drink half way round, then before we went found a toy shop and looked at the dinosaurs and Toy Story toys.

This a’vo the three of us went to see Big Nana, who gave us all the gossip. Then we went to Point Walter so Josh could have a ride on his bike and a play on the playground there, we also had an ice cream.

I’ll Skype you tomorrow at 10, your time.




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