License To…Drive

Dear Mum,

We set off early to get to the Centrelink office this morning, however not early enough. We arrived at half eight but it opened at eight so we had to wait in a long queue, then sit in chairs waiting for an hour and a half until we were called, then it only took five minutes to register our details. On the bright side while we were waiting Deanne managed to set up our private health insurance 🙂

After that we went to buy a SIM card for my mobile phone so I can actually call and text people…as well as being able to check my facebook and twitter accounts!

Joshua cried as we left him with Nana, but apparently it only lasted five minutes after we’d left. Suspect we’ll get more tears on Monday for the first day of Kindy.

This afternoon we swam for a while, it was pretty hot so the cool pool was nice. After swimming I headed over to the DVS to get my driving license sorted, as my Tax File Number arrived while we were out and that was the last thing I needed. However, as with all these things the lady sorted everything out then told me that I need to get a form signed by my doctor to say I’m well controlled, so that’ll be another trip to the doctor.

In the morning we’re off to collect the last few things from Joshua’s school shop, then looking at a house, then popping to the doctors which is nearby to see about getting my driving application sent off.




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