Haircut 100 (dollars)!!!

Dear Mum,

Only joking, it actually cost $42 to get mine and Joshua’s hair cut today, although it was worth it, we both look great!

He and I went out first thing this morning, but went to Woolworths first to buy him a new toothbrush and toothpaste, then we went and looked but it was before nine so the hairdresser was still closed so we headed to Target and had a look at the videos and toys, he is most impressed at the enormous volume of Dinosaur Train DVDs over here, as well as Movies which we have on the recorder currently shipping over from the UK, so won’t be buying.

After getting home again Deanne, Josh and I went to his school and Joshua showed Dee around, we let him walk the way he wanted to as we’re trying to let him get used to it before he starts there on Monday. He seems much happier about the idea of going than he did at first, which is nice.

The we went to see a little Bob The Builder show which was running for the summer holidays up the road, it consisted of a woman dancing with someone dressed up as Bob in one of those big suits, which I don’t envy in this weather. It lasted for half and hour, and although he didn’t join the other kids dancing he stared entranced (or possibly scared) the whole time.

He actually had another nap this afternoon, he keeps saying I’m not tired in a grumpy voice, then goes down and sleeps for about two hours until we have to wake him up so he’ll actually go to bed.

Tomorrow morning Julie is looking after him and we’re going to Centrelink, which is a bit like a benefits office. Bob has mentioned it’s where all the lowest denominations of society hang out, so we’re looking forward to that. But we have to get Joshy a CRN number before we can get any sort of idea about what the Day Care place is going to charge to look after him.

Oh yes, i also found out today that I can’t get my NDSS stuff signed off because I have an insulin pump which was prescribed in another country. So I have to see an endocrinologist to get a rubber stamp on some paperwork before I can get subsidised consumables, like infusion sets and blood test sticks. Ridiculous!!!




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