No Sleep ‘Till Bedtime

Dear Mum,

Finally Joshua is getting in to a proper routine, e.g. waking up at around seven-ish and actually eating full meals, as opposed to quitting half way through!

Deanne drove to her work this morning to see how that compared to public transport, wasn’t far different apparently, think she will take bus/train/ferry most of the time but have the car if she needs it. I spent the morning playing with Joshua until she got back, then we had to go to the doctors.

It was an appointment for Joshua to get an immunisation, he wasn’t very happy from the moment we were called in by the doctor, then he started screeching and wouldn’t stop. It was not much fun. However about ten minutes afterwards he calmed down and had the Freddo Frog chocolate the nurse had given him and just blubbed a little for the rest of the journey. He’s okay now!

This a’vo we went and bought a car seat for him, the shop looked a bit dodgy but we got a pretty good one for under a hundred dollars, which is pretty good. We’ve swapped our old one into Julie’s car and have put the new one in ours, it is red and black so matches the car nicely 🙂

Tomorrow is free so far, which means we’ll likely be jam packed busy.




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