Tour De Bull Creek

Dear Mum,

We had another quiet-ish day, mainly due to the bank holiday. This morning Deanne made a little picnic for snack time and we went out so Joshua could take his bike out for another ride, we went to the school again where he was riding it the other day. This time we stopped and Josh played on the playground at the school, climbing frames, slides, monkey bars, not like the school playgrounds in the UK!

We were quite impressed because he managed to ride pretty much the whole way back to Julie’s without a lot of intervention from us, obviously we helped him across the roads and over a few “tricky bits” as he calls them, but in the space of about four go’s he has learnt how to pedal and steer all by himself.

This afternoon we went to try and buy a car seat, but the shop we went to didn’t have a lot in the way of stock, even though it had said on their website that they did. Mainly we’re getting one so we don’t have to mess about swapping our one between our car and Julie’s when she is picking him up from Day Care (what they call nursery) or looking after him.

He had a nap this afternoon and Deanne made a fantastic risotto for tea.

I might try Skypeing Rich in the morning, see if I can catch you before you head back to Blighty.




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