Happy Australia Day

Dear Mum,

Today was Australia Day! We started out by arriving at Bull Creek Park a little too late this morning, just as all the festivities were being packed away, however Joshua got to look at the ducks in the pond and follow a little man-made stream to see where it started.

Julie and Rick are still away, getting back tomorrow so it’s quiet at home just now, we had sandwiches for lunch, just cheese for Josh, halloumi and sun-dried tomato for Deanne and I. This afternoon Joshua and Deanne both had a nap 🙂 So I did a bit of housework and started making a picnic tea, once they were up and sorted we headed out towards the river, there were fireworks so we had our food and then went down to a little beach where Joshy danced to the music which they play on one of the radio stations to accompany the fireworks, he had a great time.

Back home and he was a little reluctant to have his shower/hairwash but eventually calmed down and then had chapter six of Pooh (again), he loves that book, this is the second time through it.

Bank holiday tomorrow, not sure what we’re doing yet.



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