Bingo…Or House…Or Whatever You Say!

Dear Mum,

As Deanne and i found ourselves at a kind of a loose end today, what with Joshua being in the caravan at Coogee with Rick and Julie, we decided to go sort out Deanne’s phone. She’s still using her UK one, which was not playing with the Australian SIM card the Vodafone shop had sold her. However finally, after a factory reset to put all the settings back to their defaults, we took it in, a nice young man updated the details for the Aussie network and it finally seems to work. I’ll let you know the number when you get back to England so you can put it in your phone book.

After that we went to look at some houses in Leeming, they weren’t in the right part of Leeming but we thought we should start getting our eyes in for what to look out for. A couple were not good (in the words of Abney and Teal), one looked very good, although that was because it was about $200,000 over our probable budget. The last one we looked at was maybe a bit tired but actually quite a promising prospect, not far off what we’re wanting to pay and the configuration of the rooms was close to what we’re after.

However none of this really helps us at the moment as we can’t really get something until our stuff is due to turn up in a couple more months, but it was interesting to take a look anyway.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the caravan park to meet up with the happy campers, we had a barbie, then went down to the beach to watch the sunset, Joshua had a great time running up and down on the beach but by the time we went back to the caravan to say good night he was too tired and wouldn’t stay another night so insisted on coming home with us (there were tears). Got back, gave him a bath then put him to bed. He was knackered.




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