Dear Mum,

Today Deanne went to visit the Zoo to find out a bit about what her job will entail and the working practices, etc. It turns out she’ll actually get her own office, which I think is pretty cool!!!

Joshua, Julie and I went to Joshy’s school to have a look around. It’s shut for the summer holidays but we wandered around the grounds and looked in the windows (they said it was alright to do this). It looks quite nice, and Joshua was interested in the stuff hanging up in his Kindergarten classroom.

This afternoon we took our car to get the windows tinted (“darkest legal”), which has made it look a bit “gangsta”, but it does keep it much cooler. Bob met us there as he had advised us which tinting place to use, while the car was being done he took us to a local shopping centre and let Joshua choose his Xmas present from the National Geographic store, a stegosaurus which you can unscrew the bits from, take to bits then put back together, we did that once we got home, he loves it.

Tomorrow is a rest day, then later on Julie and Rick are taking Josh away with them for the night, which we are a little nervous about, but I’m sure they’ll be fine.




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One response to “School

  • Itchyrichy

    Good writing, sir. Keep it up as its interesting and informative – I hope you Mum doesn’t mind me reading over her shoulder.

    I’ll email when there’s anything interesting to say. There isn’t. Except he won’t shut up (you know what I mean).


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